Monday, 13 February 2012

Books and Brass

So today i wanted to do a up date on some of the bookbinding and brass etching
i have been doin over the last year. after reading an article over on steampunkworkshop 
by Jake Von Saltt and seeing the brass plates he has been making i had the idea to make the same kind of plates useing the same process  only puting them on leather bond books . that was the idea anyway. so after some googleing i fond this site witch i tought was a much better. Fenestration and Debauchery   its a pretty cool  process i mean any thing with  toxic chemicals and electricity, together, and this process releases hydrogen gas, which is highly flammable  has to be some cool ass shit!!! any way here is some picks of stuff i been working on. i do make books to order so if you like what you see drop me a mail and i'll make you something 

i should have more photos of other books some where i just need to find them, so there will be a update on this as soon as i do

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update (15,02,2012)

ok i took some new photos of some other stuff steam-punk i have been making drop me a line and let me know what you think.... 

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  1. I like the silver wrapped gear pendant & the faceless watch :]