Monday, 25 November 2013

Ideas For New Games Project "50's Sci-Fi"

i have been goin over some old films looking for ideas for a new game useing the UDK. have been thinking about baesing it on the golden age of sci-fi the 50's. leve design based around roller diners and military airfield's start work on createing assets tomorrow. but for now some research

another old game thats grate for ideas

This one is about Jules Vern and HG Wells. and the origins of Sci-Fi..

you got to love Michio Kaku. he is so full of shit ... :P

more info on hes work on hes website

PULP FICTION: The Golden Age of Sci.... mostly about el ron hubbard and other pulp wrighters .

i know this is a lot of stuff to be watching. infact a few hrs of Documentaries. its just stuff i have on in the back round while i get so design ideas down on paper

ok day two. i spent all last night getting some ideas down on paper and today i have started modeling the start of some assets. ( i'll have a new post to show you all that.) but untill then watch this

Forbidden Planet Documentary 1 of 2 part 2

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