Saturday, 25 January 2014

Second Round Of Screens Fom alpha ver. 1.1 NOW IN TECHNICOLOR



Alpha 1.1 is here. Download link




You can now play Surf Zombies BETA 1.1 live on the web over at the DeadBeat Design
Surf Zombie Web Player


 I'm getting reports of laggy Frame rate in parts of the test level
 Best res I found 1280x720 in the stand alone player.
There's still a lot to do with it before I have a full working game, there's something wrong with the aiming and interacting with in world items like HOT ROD'S and driving  and weapons pick ups.

After all I'm only about a week in to the development of the game.
At this point I'm really happy with the look of it.

I could really do with some Beta Testers and a lead
programmer that knows c# and java.
but until then I'll keep going with what I know. 
If anyone out there is interested in lending me a hand drop me a email at


OK so I spent the last few days working on the cars for the game and sorting out a ModDB page too,
its going very well so far, I'm getting good feed back and lots of interest in the beta.

Here a link to the ModDB page:
Surf Zombies on ModDB

Surf Zombies (Working Title)

Surf Zombies (Working Title)


The video is our alpha footage which does not represent our final product, as it lacks production features such as lighting, models, and animation.

I'm in real need of testers, if anyone is interested in giving me a hand  send me an email at:

Any feedback you guys might have is always welcome.

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