Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer 2014

So. Let's see. Where to start.
I haven't got around to updating the blog in a while. I have been crazy busy all summer trying to move from Galway to Limerick and then to Dublin . so most of my work gear have been packed up while I move.

But I did invest in a Xbox 3D scanner so I have been doing body scans and trying to learn the use of IPI software for doing some mocap for the surf zombies project .

I all so been working with some models for 3D printing. Well a test piece to see what kind of detail I can get in a print and price .

I have been useing the website

Photos to come in a later post. 

On a other note Justin.TV has shut down so I have been looking at other sites to host my live streams on.... I'm thinking about using ustream . they got a cool android app for doin life casting. As im on the road so much these days it might be some thing i might get in to.

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